Nuaimi, Mark — Fired from Yucca Valley

Conspiracy to Cover Up Cause for Dismissal August 20, 2013

"Have you ever been fired, dismissed, terminated, or had an employment contract terminated from any position for performance or for disciplinary reasons?" CALIFORNIA SCIENCE CENTER v. State Personnel Board, No. B244387 (Cal. Ct. App. July 25, 2013).

August 20, 2013 Councilman Abel, Rowe, Huntington, and Lombardo voting aye, Councilman Leone voting nay, in violation of Yucca Valley Town Code 2.08.090, Town Council agrees to severance agreement and pay out without ever stating the facts of the dispute as to whether or not cause existed for dismissal.

August 16, 2013 Dispute as to existence of "cause for dismissal" revealed by Town Council.  Council to vote on firing Town Manager Mark Nuaimi August 17, 2013 Hi-Desert Star by Courtney Vaughn

Mark Nuaimi March 21, 2008, "I'm a pretty unreasonable person. Pigheaded, some might even say...." Yah think? Perhaps Mr. Nuaimi meant to say, "All men are pigs, I am a man, ergo I am a pig.", read on...

Las Vegas Junket - Town Vendor and Contractor Chamber of Commerce President Jennifer Collins and Town Manager Mark Nuaimi attend a multi-day junket in Las Vegas, NV Recon May 19-22, 2013

"Second, reliable sources allege a taxpayers’ funded tryst in sin city between a Y.V. Chamber of Commerce official and the YV Town Manager, Mark Nuaimi. ... Yet when a ranking public official and a non-profit Chamber of Chamber officer use public funds for a trip to sin city as a pretext for hanky-panky —  the etiquette responsibilities of a public official and public figure becomes newsworthy." Reported by Branson Hunter, CactusThorns, June 1, 2013

Notability Not Established

August 10, 2013 Councilmen Huntington and Lombardo indicated at the  Morongo Democratic Club meeting that they will consider terminating Nuaimi's contract after searing questioning by proponents of a Petition to Recall the councilmen.

11/06/2012 Mark Nuaimi's pet project to raise taxes, Measure U on the municipal ballot, failed by a vote of the people.  Measure U would have increased by one percent of sales and use the tax collected in Yucca Valley.

Despite legal prohibitions against Town Staff actively taking a partisan position on the measure, Mark Nuaimi (the Town Manager) and Shane Stueckle (the deputy Town Manager) personally installed throughout the Town the numerous and huge Yes on U signs.  Mailboxes were flooded by fancy huge flyers paid for by a private group headed by Jennifer Collins, head of the Chamber of Commerce, that spent over $35,000 to promote the Measure U.  The Town spent $20,000 to educate the public about the measure.  The opposition No on U group spent less than $1,000.

Radio station 107.7 announced support for Measure U and then conducted a propaganda campaign highly biased in favor of the Yes on U supporters, refused multiple requests from the No on U group for equal time, then simply falsely claimed equivalent time had been granted.  Station co-owner Gary Daigneault is the brother of Cynthia Kraemer, one of the primary sponsors of Measure U.  (If anyone can find a full-disclosure by Mr. Daigneault of this connection MBO would like to post it.)

The highly financed and politically connected Nuaimi led oligarchy was unable to convince the voters to hand over $131 million to the general fund for the oligarchy to spend as it wanted.

9/5/2012 — $12,875 per puppy is what the Town of Yucca Valley paid to produce four puppies at its Animal Control facility.  Pathologically Kafka's Animal Farm!

Conceived a highly controversial Town sales tax of one percent (1%) placed on the 2012 November ballot as Measure U.

2/27/2011 — Yucca Valley Town Manager Mark Nuaimi declared a roaming unleashed pit bull that assaulted a person to be not a criminal matter despite applicable municipal codes.  Nuami redirected subordinate Town staff immediately to halt investigation and enforcement activities they had undertaken on their prerogative. Repeatedly asked to "fact check" reporting of the matter, Nuaimi merely asserted the report as "Wrong.  Not accurate." but offered no rebutting facts.  We stand by the report.  Whether negligence or dereliction, Nuaimi's disposition of the matter exemplifies the corruption that pervades the region.

2010-2011 Board Member and Past President of Boys and Girls Clubs of Fontana


"Mark Nuaimi joins the Town of Yucca Valley staff having last served as the Assistant City Manager for Colton from March 2006 through December 2009. In that role, Mark was responsible for formulating the community’s long-range economic development strategy and community strategic plan. As the economy worsened, Mark assumed the responsibilities of Community Development Director and coordinated the development of the City’s cost reduction plan – a plan that led to the elimination of his position.

Prior to joining Colton, Mark enjoyed a twenty-year career in the private sector in the areas of systems engineering, intelligent transportation systems, and senior program management.

In addition to his professional experience, Mark has been an elected official with the City of Fontana since 1996, having served as Mayor from 2002 to present. In his capacity as an elected official, he has served on the San Bernardino Associated Governments (SANBAG) and on the Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO) for San Bernardino County. Mr. Nuaimi is resigning all these positions to assume the role as Yucca Valley’s Town Manager. Mr. Nuaimi has a Masters Degree in Business Administration from the University of La Verne (165 of 281 US News and World Report), a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona and an Associate of Science Degree from Don Bosco Technical Institute."

From his facebook circa July 2010:

"Words cannot express my gratitude to all my friends and family who have kept me in their prayers during this season of transition. Tomorrow starts a new journey in my life and I thank God for all that He has blessed me with. Special thanks goes to Susanne … always trusting in God’s grace and provision for our family. Now on to Yucca Valley 7FB3C869-803D-431D-AAFE-008BB9583012.gif"

Mark Nuaimi's Yucca Valley salary is set at $190,000 per year plus numerous benefits.  He received a severance from Colton of $170,000. The Yucca  Valley contract has similar provisions for a huge severance.  In fact, many of the terms of the Colton contract are effectively identical to his contract with Yucca ValleyCity/Town Manager Compensation Survey Last Revised: 9/10/2010 

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