Rowe, Dawn—Yucca Valley Planning Commissioner Candidate for Town Council 2010

Planning Commissioner and candidate for Yucca Valley Town Council.  At a planning commission meeting where elderly patients passionately petitioned to retain a medical cannibus dispensary, she suggested those needing medical cannibus "grow their own".  She offered no explanation as to how people who were terminally ill and handicapped could miraculously get up daily to tend a garden in 100 degree heart of a desert summer or during the 20 degree snows of winter and fend off thieves who would prey upon a garden of marijuana.

The Rowe Residence | 9020 Fortuna Avenue, Yucca Valley CA 92284

Member of Joshua Springs Calvary Chapel

"When Dawn Rowe runs, she thinks about

Jesus and how her husband, Alan, is with 

Him in heaven. Knowing she could see 

them both very soon upon Christ’s return 

helps the upbeat mom keep running her 

race, one step at a time. come in time.

You don’t do it all by yourself.” 

She’s thankful she and her children were 

deeply involved at Joshua Springs CC before 

Alan’s death. “You can turn to someone for 

help when you haven’t slept for days and the ..."

From as of March 29, 2011

SEBA (Deputy Sheriff's Association)

San Bernardino County Professional Firefighters Local 935

Assemblyman Paul Cook, 65th District

Chad Mayes, Yucca Valley Town Council, Mayor

Frank Luckino, Yucca Valley Town Councilman

George Huntington, Yucca Valley Town Councilman

Bill Neeb, Yucca Valley Town Councilman

Bob Leone, Retired Yucca Valley Town Councilman

Jim Harris, Twentynine Palms City Council

Sarann Graham, Hi-Desert Water District Board, President

Sheldon Hough, Hi-Desert Water District Board Member

Bob Stadum, Hi-Desert Water District Board Member

Paul Hoffman, Hi-Desert Medical Center Board of Directors, President

Tim Humphreville, Yucca Valley Planning Commissioner

Dr. Robert Lombardo, Yucca Valley Planning Commission, Chairman

Col Phil Cisneros, USMC (retired), Twentynine Palms Water Board, President

Dick Rogers, Copper Mountain College Board of Trustees, Vice President

Liz Meyer, Copper Mountain College Board of Trustees

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