Who's Who

People and Entities of Morongo Basin, how they are related, and what they do.

Abuse of Disabled and Elderly

Sitting Yucca Valley Planning Commissioner Drozd decided to deprecate all elderly …

Barriage, John

Civil Rights Attorney specializing in response to discrimination designed to oppress …

Basin Wide Foundation

"The Basin Wide Foundation was founded in 1996 as the Yucca Valley Foundation. …

Boyle, Jim

Friend and Supporter of George Huntington HDS

A flagrant abuse of recall process …

Bridenstein, Vickie

2013 Planning Commissioner. Civil Engineer

President of Yucca Valley Realty, …

Chamber of Commerce


Clauder, Sam H.

Liberal Activist Sam H. Clauder II (website)

Decades of Statewide and local political …

Cohen, Ron

Primary organizer of opposition to Measure U, Petition for Recall of Huntington …

Collins, Jennifer

Chair of the Yes on U Committee

President Elect '11/'12 of Yucca Valley Chamber …

Conaway, Jackie

Candidate for Congress to Represent Morongo Basin in California 8th Congressional …

Cook, Paul

Assemblyman Paul Cook, Yucca Valley

Maplight Campaign Contributions

According …

Copper Mountain College

Board of Trustees

The Copper Mountain Community College District is governed by …

Daigneault, Gary

Gary Daigneault -  Owner/Operator of Radio Station 107.7, Yucca Valley Rotary, …

Derry, Neil

Board of Supervisor - San Bernardino

Past staff at California State, San Bernardino …

Drozd, Jeff

Eddinger, Greg

"Paparrazi" on the sadistic Cactusthorns.com

Reactionary groupie wannabe of Far …

Ellis, Alesia

A new non-profit, Training With Pay, founded earlier this year by Alesia Ellis, …

Elsasser, Jason

Candidate for Town Council

Particularly interested in representing Paradise Valley.  …

Falossi, David

David Falossi Senior — Lawn Decoration Manufacturer

Son-in-law of infamous and …

Falossi, Marissa

Now Marissa Corson, Realtor

2008 Second Princess of the Miss Yucca Valley

Some …

Ficarra, Ignazio

Attorney; brother of Ficarra Paving, related to Rose Ficarra

Rotary Music competition

Fick, David—Board member of several Civic organizations

"Is it that Joshua Tree Community Association Clique (13 years)? Is it that Joshua …

Footprint Association

International Footprint Association

Chapter 71 Morongo Basin founded 1991


Free Form List of Numerous People -

Cynthia Melland - Publisher, High Desert Star, President Basin Wide Foundation.  (

Fretter, John

Oakland Schools' Decision on Ebonics

December 31, 1996

The headlines about "Ebonics," …

Gilbert, Albert Joseph

Past President of Yucca Valley Rotary Club

Dean Nadler was Sheriff.

Found Guilty …

Graham, Sarann

Sarann Graham nee Kruse

Ancestry is from Syria, Damascus, she is second generation. …

Gray, Dean — Publisher and Editor


Dean Gray was the Publisher and Executive Editor of the desert's only alternative …

Guzman, Frank

Guzman, a practicing criminal defense attorney since 1986 is a graduate of Western …


Hagerman, Issac

Councilman Yucca Valley

Launched a 1/2 page negative advertisement against incumbent …

Hagerman, Jerel

Pastor of Joshua Springs Calvary Chapel

Father of Issac Hagerman

Hargrove, Karalee

Member, Morongo Unified School Board

Thanks for input on superintendent hire

"I …

Herbel, Lori

Community Service

Town Council of Yucca Valley

MTBA Board Member


Founder …

Hoffman, Paul

Formerly at Pacific Western Bank, Past Director of Hi-Desert  Medical Center,

Hough, Sheldon

Director of of Water Board,
Heads up Miss Yucca Valley pageant

Huls, Tom

2013 President Elect, Chamber of Commerce

Tire Store?

Humphreville, Tim

YV Planning Commissioner, Chair

Owner - Creative Contruction

Creative Construction

Humphreville, Tom

The handle of "Tom Humphreville" is used on comment forums of the Hi Desert Star …

Huntington, George

In-laws are the Williams family...as in Esther Williams.

Joshua Springs Calvary Chapel

Politically dominant Yucca Valley church is reported to preach politics from the …

Kelliher, Mike

Staff of Joshua Springs Christian Schools

"retired long haul truck driver serves …

Kennedy, Michael J.

Criminal Defense Attorney known as Captain Motion.  Often seen at the Joshua Tree …

Koenig, Fritz

Civil and gay rights activist, photojournalist, same-sex partner for 30 years …

Leone, Bob

Elected to Yucca Valley Town Council March 5, 2013

I am ready to listen to people …

Lincoln Club of Morongo Basin

Associated Press Article

Bill Warner, Chad Mayes, Paul Hoffman, Bob Dunn

Conservative …

Lombardo, Robert

Yucca Valley Councilman

Luckino, Frank

Councilman Frank Luckino Annual Filing – Declaration of Economic Interests California …

Luckino, Shannon

Campaign manager for Yucca Valley Town Councilman Issac Hagerman

Former Field …

Mahoney, Mark S.

Attorney Mark Stephen Mahoney - #127728

Golden Gate Univ SOL; San Francisco CA …

Mayes, Chad

Chad Mayes California Form 700 – Statement of Economic Interest During last reporting …

McMahon, John

Candidate for Sheriff

Endorsements at 9/5/2013

Congressman Paul Cook

Former …

Melland, Cynthia

Publisher of Hi-Desert Star newspaper owned by Brehem Communications.

VIP at Basin …

Montgomery, Edward

Rifts Emerge Within Yucca Valley Chamber of Commerce

Edward Montgomery of Affordable …

Moore, Clairdean (Dean)

Clairdean V. Moore (Dean) (64) died April 23, 2011 with an evil soul and severely …

Moore, Stacy

Editor, High Desert Star newspaper, Yucca Valley

Munoz, Donna

Field Representative to Supervisor James Ramos

Mother-in-law to Frank Luckino

Nuaimi, Mark — Fired from Yucca Valley

Conspiracy to Cover Up Cause for Dismissal August 20, 2013

"Have you ever been …

Nyquist, Kenneth

Candidate for Yucca Valley Town Council 2014

Ken Nyquist, who lives near the …

Oram, Hugh

Hugh Oram—County of San Bernardino Code Enforcement Officer

Code enforcement officer …


Handle on Cactusthorns of Greg Eddinger

Pask, Dennis

Neighbor from Hell who conducts harassing covert surveillance operations complete …

Pelican Club

An exclusive conclave of conservative citizens.

Past chairman, Roger Melanson

Qishta, Alex

Engineer, Town of Yucca Valley

ex-Principal Engineer, City of Upland as early …

Ragle, Gary

Gary Ragle was the court reporter for the many many court actions at the Joshua …

Ramos, James

Supervisor James Ramos

San Manual tribal chairman remembers tough times, works …

Ramos, Mike

San Bernardino District Attorney



Reed, Walter C.

Member of YV first Town Council

Husband of Helen Reed

Related to Donna Reed Munoz, …

Rotary Club


Roster of Officials 2008-2009

From a 2008-2009 Directory of District 5330



Charles Willis 


Meeting Day: Thursday 

Meeting Time: 6:00 PM 

Name of Facility and Address: 

Las Palmas

55792 29 Palms Hwy 

Yucca Valley CA 92284 


Club # 21643 

P.O. Box 697, Yucca Valley CA 92286 


Chartered: March 1, 1984 

Sponsors: Joshua Tree and  

Yucca Valley Rotary Clubs 




Assistant Governor 

Lib Koenig 


President 2009-2010 

Anne Sholtz 


President 2010-2011 



Immediate Past President 

Trish Kotila 



Mary Towne 



Anne Sholtz 


Club Service 

Mary Towne 


Community Service 

Neil Phelps 



Peter Banachi 


Vocational Service 

David Rodriguez 


Four-Way Test Speech Contest 

Trish Kotila 


Music Contest 

Dave Rodriguez 


International Service 

Jack & Mary Towne 


Youth Service 

Trish Kotila 



Charles Willis & Trish Kotila 


Interact Advisor 

Debbie Gubler 



Chris Gubler & Peter Banachi 


The Rotary Foundation 

Anne Sholtz 


Bulletin Editor 

Peter Banachi 


Public Relations 

Anne Sholtz 

Rowe, Dawn—Yucca Valley Planning Commissioner Candidate for Town Council 2010

Planning Commissioner and candidate for Yucca Valley Town Council.  At a planning …

Salaries -


County Supervisor's Staff

iePolitics: BOS Salaries

For those who would like to download the spreadsheets from the county, here there are:  2010-11 Board Staff (all)

First District:

Chief of Staff – $242.403; District Director – $145,082; Executive Secretary – $102,078; Executive Secretary III – $52,003; Field Rep – $127,524; Field Rep – $141,564; Field Rep – $139,143; Special Assistant – $166,978 (Employee Reimbursed by Joint Powers Authority – $110,206); Special Projects Coordinator – $43,070; Community Service Liaison – $3,472; Community Service Liaison – $5667; Community Service Liaison – $5532; Community Service Liaison – $5667; Community Service Liaison – $5667

Second District:

Chief of Staff – $187,883; Deputy Chief of Staff – $184,166; Executive Secretary – $91,089; Field Representative – $144,409; Field Representative – $128,965; Field Representative – $128,965 Special Projects Coordinator – $56,026 (Contract terminates June 30, 2011); Special Projects Coordinator – $15,394 (Contract terminates June 30, 2011)

Senator Feinstein

Staff Salary Data

Displaying salaries for time period: 04/01/09 - 09/30/09

Payee NameStart dateEnd datePositionAmountNotes
Shelly H. Abajian04/01/09 09/30/09  District Director $37,712.76
Aaron J. Adkins04/01/09 08/06/09  Scheduler $23,837.43
Carole Angel09/01/09 09/10/09  Counsel $3,444.43
Deran K. Atamian04/01/09 09/30/09  Staff Assistant $18,717.00
Manoucheka Attime04/01/09 09/30/09  Mail Room Director $27,575.44
Gina Banks04/01/09 09/30/09  Field Representative $35,434.00
Patricia Beltran04/01/09 09/30/09  Legislative Correspondent $20,382.46
Sheryl J. Berger04/01/09 09/30/09  Computer Operator $23,724.40
Diana Bowen04/01/09 09/30/09  Legislative Correspondent $24,802.32
Claire Bowyer04/01/09 09/30/09  Deputy Press Secretary $40,672.96
Katelin F. Brennan (Kate)07/07/09 09/30/09  Deputy Scheduler $9,166.64
Jennifer N. Cabrera04/01/09 07/31/09  Deputy Scheduler $15,328.24
Christopher M. Carrillo (Chris)04/01/09 09/30/09  Field Representative $32,814.40
Daniel F. Chen04/01/09 09/30/09  Constituent Services Representative $22,408.32
Erin M. Crowder04/01/09 09/30/09  Administrative Director $45,057.24
Trevor J. Daley04/01/09 09/30/09  District Director $51,151.00
Michael C. Davies04/01/09 09/30/09  Staff Assistant $19,860.40
Bryer M. Davis08/13/09 09/30/09  Scheduler $6,933.31
Brandon D. Declet04/23/09 09/30/09  Counsel $43,449.99
Elizabeth M. Delgado (Liz)04/01/09 09/30/09  Field Representative $30,194.92
Helen Lane Dilg (Lane)08/16/09 09/10/09  Counsel $8,611.09
Caitlin A. Doyle09/01/09 09/10/09  Legislative Aide $1,397.07
Jennifer Duck04/01/09 07/20/09  Chief Counsel $51,516.82
Gilbert J. Duran (Gil)04/01/09 09/30/09  Director of Communications $54,295.60
Brigid Eckhart04/01/09 07/03/09  Legislative Correspondent $10,286.04
Christine N. Epres04/01/09 09/30/09  Field Representative $28,623.40
Katherine M. Field04/01/09 09/30/09  Field Representative $26,089.60
Martha C. Flores04/01/09 09/30/09  Director of Constituent Services $29,589.60
Morgan A. Galli04/01/09 09/30/09  Constituent Services Representative $25,901.28
Angelo Genasci06/26/09 09/30/09  Staff Assistant $9,848.96
Nicholas Ghirelli (Nick)04/01/09 09/30/09  Legislative Correspondent $23,462.50
Lauren Godfrey09/01/09 09/30/09  Staff Assistant $2,500.00
Mary Kate Graefe04/01/09 09/30/09  Legislative Correspondent $23,302.48
Cody Gray04/01/09 09/30/09  Legislative Correspondent $22,673.28
Katie P. Gross05/28/09 09/30/09  Staff Assistant $11,250.00
Rene N. Hanna04/01/09 07/31/09  Field Representative $18,729.28
David A. Hantman04/01/09 09/30/09  Assistant to Chief of Staff $18,882.46
Richard W. Harper Jr. (Rich)04/01/09 09/30/09  Legislative Assistant $40,166.76
Jessica M. Hartzell04/01/09 09/30/09  Constituent Services Representative $23,302.48
David Herrero (Dave)04/01/09 09/30/09  Legislative Correspondent $22,808.94
Ryan D. Hunt04/01/09 09/30/09  Legislative Assistant $48,531.40
Joseph Jankiewicz04/01/09 09/30/09  Staff Assistant $17,764.96
Lara N. Jensen07/06/09 09/30/09  Staff Assistant $8,932.29
Dorothy Rose Johns (Rose)04/01/09 09/30/09  Constituent Services Representative $17,264.16
Benjamin J. Kramer (Ben)04/01/09 09/30/09  Legislative Aide $24,503.92
Philip J. LaVelle (Phil)04/01/09 09/30/09  Press Secretary $57,378.24
Lauren Layton04/01/09 07/05/09  Assistant to the Chief of Staff $10,507.25
Steven C. Leraris (Steve)04/01/09 09/30/09  Systems Administrator $36,667.80
Joseph S. Leveroni04/01/09 09/30/09  Staff Assistant $16,717.00
Alan D. Lightfeldt04/01/09 09/30/09  Legislative Correspondent $23,908.32
Russell E. Lowe04/01/09 09/30/09  Office Director $39,703.80
Angeline C. Macaspac04/01/09 09/30/09  Staff Assistant $16,717.00
Laura J. McGann08/21/09 09/30/09  Assistant Field Representative $4,166.66
Sara Ann Moffat04/01/09 09/30/09  Field Representative $27,051.80
James J. Molinari04/01/09 09/30/09  State Director $80,560.24
John Murray04/01/09 09/30/09  Assistant Field Representative $24,955.96
Matthew B. Nelson (Matt)04/01/09 09/30/09  Legislative Assistant $48,531.40
Alma Mirella Nieto (Mirella)04/01/09 09/30/09  Constituent Services Representative $22,408.32
Molly C. O'Brien04/01/09 09/30/09  Field Representative $32,814.40
Thomas Clinton Ostrander (T.C.)07/06/09 09/30/09  Staff Assistant $8,932.29
Jessica H. Parsons04/01/09 04/03/09  Staff Assistant $261.95
James E. Peterson04/01/09 09/30/09  Deputy State Director $55,058.72
Samantha M. Peterson09/28/09 09/30/09  Staff Assistant $275.00
Percy H. Pinkney04/01/09 09/30/09  Field Representative $39,077.76
Lizabeth Pollack07/08/09 08/14/09  Scheduler $8,999.16
Neil F. Quinter07/20/09 09/30/09  Chief Counsel $27,611.09
Devin T. Rhinerson04/01/09 09/30/09  Legislative Aide $26,075.44
Olyvia Rodriguez04/01/09 09/30/09  Staff Assistant $45,911.92
Peter Ruffo04/01/09 09/30/09  Staff Assistant $17,764.96
Leah J. Russin04/01/09 09/30/09  Environmental Counsel $43,292.44
Daniel B. Saphire (Dan)04/01/09 09/30/09  Legislative Correspondent $23,852.28
Estee C. Sepulveda07/06/09 09/30/09  Staff Assistant $8,791.68
Renee C. Skolnick04/01/09 09/30/09  Assistant to State Director $31,108.80
Jeffery S. Spalding (Jeff)04/01/09 04/06/09  Senior Counsel $2,130.53
Adam L. Stone04/01/09 09/30/09  Legislative Correspondent $20,382.46
Ahmad R. Thomas04/01/09 09/30/09  Legislative Assistant $48,531.40
John Christopher Thompson (Chris)04/01/09 09/30/09  Chief of Staff $80,362.80
Nicholas Thornton04/01/09 09/04/09  Constituent Services Representative $20,401.85
Cassidy V. Travis04/01/09 09/30/09  Staff Assistant $17,907.46
John W. Watts04/01/09 09/30/09  Legislative Director $74,726.44
Brendan F. Wessel (Dan)04/01/09 09/30/09  Legislative Assistant $35,434.00
Kristin E. Wikelius04/01/09 09/30/09  Legislative Assistant $45,911.92
Laura Elizabeth Wilkinson04/01/09 09/30/09  Press Secretary $44,340.40
Daniel Witt04/01/09 09/30/09  Executive Assistant $32,814.40
Adriane Wynn04/01/09 09/30/09  Legislative Aide $29,147.28
Judy Yang04/01/09 07/14/09  Staff Assistant $9,686.42


Read the average physcian’s salaries that can easily be found on

http://www.payscale.com. (THIS WILL SPEAK FOR ITSELF…)

People with Jobs as Physicians / Doctors
Median Salary by JobJob National Salary Data
XAll compensation data shown is the national median (50th percentile). Pay can vary greatly by location. To view local data, take the PayScale survey.
) $0 $100K $200K $300K
Family Physician / Doctor $139,906
Physician / Doctor, Internal Medicine $145,770
Physician / Doctor, Emergency Room (ER) $179,435
Physician / Doctor, General Practice $119,491
Physician / Doctor, Neurologist $164,402
Obstetrician / Gynecologist (OB/GYN) $177,917
Physician / Doctor, Plastic Surgeon $207,442
Country: United States | Currency: USD | Updated: 17 Dec 2010

How is that a former YMCA director (Ovitt’s new chief of staff) is instantly making twice the amount of your average general practicioner?

There is something that has truly run amok in San Bernardino County. There is no possible way that the CAO or the BOS can justify this seeming public theft of county taxes for overinflated salaries.


The San Bernardino County pension plan's wasteful, fruitless legal battle to keep retirement details secret violated a central tenet of good government: Taxpayers have a right to know how public agencies spend public money. Government officials at every level should follow that sound principle, instead of conjuring up flimsy excuses for secrecy.  July 13, 2011 The Press-Enterprise

“Judge John Vander Feer ruled in favor of The Press-Enterprise, ordering the San Bernardino County Employees' Retirement Association to disclose the names of employees whose pensions exceed $90,000 a year. In explaining his decision, Vander Feer cited a 2007 California Supreme Court ruling that found government employee salaries are a matter of public record and disclosure of the information is not an unwarranted invasion of privacy. He said the same reasoning would apply to pensions. ‘Public employees are employees of the public,’ Vander Feer said. ‘When they receive their retirement benefits, it's still a public issue.’” May 6, 2011 By IMRAN GHORI The Press-Enterprise

Recipients and Payments

As reported by Inlandpolitics.com

Saturday, July 16, 2011 – 03:55 p.m.

The following is a list of recipients of San Bernardino County retirees receiving annual pension payments in the amount of $175,000 and greater.

The information was released by the San Bernardino County Employees Retirement Association (SBCERA) as a result of a lawsuit filed by The Press-Enterprise.

The pension fund had fought the litigation for about a year.

InlandPolitics.com will publish the list of $115,000 and above on Monday.

NAME                             Position                        Pension Amount

Richard A. Beemer                Undersheriff                    $290,901.96

Norman A. Kanold                 Associate County Administrator  $254,818.80

Michael Stodelle                 Assistant Sheriff               $254,640.36

Warren S. Nobles                 Assistant Sheriff               $254,031.60

Thomas L. Sutton                 Director, Special District      $253,332.48

Gerald Farber                    Public Defender                 $243,287.40

Salvate, John

San Bernardino County Fire Department South Desert Division 5 Chief John Salvate

Sheriff Rangers

Employer Identification Number (EIN)953768702Name of OrganizationSan Bernardino …

Sholtz, Anne

Granted Yucca Valley Asylum circa 2010.

Assistant/Area Governor Rotary Club District …

Simmons, Susan

Candidate for 2014 Town Council

Co-Owner Soap Suds Cleaning Service

Campaign Website:

Spear, Steve

ex-Councilman Twenty Nine Palms

Head of Court Services, Joshua Tree Courthouse

Sullivan, Joseph P.

President of Morongo Basin Lincoln Club

Defender and Supporter of Town Manager …

Town of Yucca Valley, California 92284


Yucca Valley is and …

Tuttle, Kerri

Ramos names planner Press Enterprise February 14, 2013

"Tuttle has more than 15 …


Warne, Richard

NOTE: this record of mostly secondary sources is still in gestation and not completely …

Whitten, Steve

Town of Yucca Valley Planning Commissioner, appointed by Huntington

Steve Whitten

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