Save the Children

Children are abused every day both legally and illegally.  Often public institutions are the perpetrators.  In Morongo Basin, children are often sacrificed and exploited by adults involved in legal and political battles.




Child Protective Services Congressional Investigation

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Stop Forced Genital Mutilation

Circumcision is where sex and violence first meet.

Everyday our society allows forced brutal genital mutilation of helpless boys.

Storming the Castle to Save the Children - GREENE v. CAMRETA 9th Circuit Opinion

GREENE v. CAMRETA 9th Circuit Opinion

Of the 3.6 million investigations conducted

by state and local agencies in 2006, only about a quarter

concluded that the children were indeed victims of abuse.

See id. This discrepancy creates the risk that “in the name of

saving children from the harm that their parents and guardians

are thought to pose, states ultimately cause more harm to

many more children than they ever help.” Doriane Lambelet

Coleman, Storming the Castle to Save the Children: The

Ironic Costs of a Child Welfare Exception to the Fourth

Amendment, 47 WM. & MARY L. REV. 413, 417 (2005).

San Bernardino Controversial Court Actions

IN THE NEWS:  San Bernarnino & Riverside

Judge Robert Lemkau                       Dr. Roy Bradbury (Controversial 730 Evaluator)
Judge John M. Pacheco                    Richard Gardner (Controverial creator of PAS)
Lori Lewis Hunt Kennedy  

The county initially asserted that the records were not subject to disclosure because Isaac died in Riverside County, not San Bernardino County, said Al Wickers, the newspaper's attorney. "The P-E asked the county to reconsider, pointing out that the statute required disclosure because there had been a determination that Isaac's death was a result of abuse. The county ultimately agreed, and provided the records."

Burned Alive on Courthouse Steps

Thomas James Ball, Father of Three, Self-Immolates on Courthouse Steps rather than submit.

On Friday June 15, 2011, the flames burning on courthouse steps shined a bright light upon the systematic destruction of human beings by corrupt court systems.


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