Front Yard Business Operations

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Since the formation of Yucca Valley circa 1991, it has been illegal to conduct home business operations out of doors or in a place where those operations can be seen from public right-of-way or the neighboring property.

This is the standard for the County of San Bernardino and for most cities in California and the Nation.  Residential Zoning Districts are areas of protection from the blight of being exposed to commercial and business operations.

In a surprise move, on May 9, 2014, Acting Town of Yucca Valley Manager Shane Stueckle proposed throwing out the absolute restriction of front yard business operations (visible operations) by giving unprecedented power of discretion to the Planning Commission to overrule normal restrictions and allow such operations.  Opposition has been swift and vigorous with a Citizen's Workshop established to stop this radical re-write of normal restrictions on home occupations.

Mr. Stueckle has already improperly re-routed huge tractor trailers from commercial streets into the residential neighborhoods behind Cowboy Corral on Highway 62.  The agenda for the May 13, 2014 meeting of the Yucca Valley Planning Commission was the first place the radically re-written regulations of home businesses were introduced to the public.

See page 34 of the workshop copy below — if the abnormal "Conditional Use Permit" procedure is added to the code of Home Occupations (businesses), Home Businesses that violate the normal rules and restrictions of the Home Occupation codes can be allowed by the Planning Commission based on their unbridled discretion for the first time in the history of Yucca Valley.

Please attend to protest the addition of any modifications which enable front yard or visible operation of home businesses in Yucca Valley:

May 27 and June 10 2014 6 PM - Workshop and Meeting of Planning Commission


57090 - 29 PALMS HIGHWAY


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