Dogs Kill People—Barbarism in the 
Neighborhood and Courts

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Yucca Valley Politics for Children

From wooden dildos shoved up 14 year old anuses at Yucca Valley High School white washed by notorious Judge Bert Swift, to 12 year olds who must use knives to the gut to stop continual assaults from a classmate but no prosecution by the District Attorney, to man-made routine hazards in the neighborhoods, Yucca Valley excels at vestigial barbarism, stupidity, and willful ignorance supported and abetted by criminal negligence on the part of politicians, city administrators, district attorneys, judges, police, dog owners, and the public en masse.

Above are the remains of little boys killed by "domestic" dogs such as roam Yucca Valley unleashed everyday.  Millions of people are needlessly attacked by domestic dogs every year.  Completely avoidable.  Most often no criminal charges are filed.

Media Bias at the LA Times — lots of pictures of forlorn looking pit bulls, no pictures of the faces of little boys retrieved from the stomach of an attacking dog.

Letter to Editor, October 2, 2010, from Josette Vettel about Joshua Tree nuisance dogs

Sharpe, Juanita

Yucca Valley Unleashed Pit Bulls

Severely Maul 46 year old Woman

Click here for audio recording of Administrative Hearing conducted by Attorney Mark S. Mahoney

Similar wounds to those described as suffered by Yucca Valley resident Juanita Sharp. (fair use from

Maryland Court of Appeals Holds Pit Bull Owners and Landlords Accountable After an Attack

Maryland Court of Appeals Holds Pit Bull Owners and Landlords Accountable After an Attack
         Baltimore, MD - In January, announced our filing of an amicus briefin a landmark Maryland appeals case, 

Letter to Gary Daigneault - Radio Station 107.7

Begin forwarded message:

From: Fritz Koenig <fritzkoenig@>
Date: June 17, 2010 4:37:23 PM PDT
To: Gary Daigneault <z1077fm@>
Subject: Opinion granted priority over facts is sure to bite us

Gary Daigneault:

California Law to Address Dangerous Dogs

The standard Animal Control statutes are highly influenced by Kennel Club pro-dog bias.  For instance, the lawyers and politicians have stolen the word "dangerous" from the English language and redefined it legally to designate dogs that have already bitten persons twice.  …

People v. Frazier — Dog can be Deadly Weapon

Filed 4/29/09














          Plaintiff and Respondent,

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