Since we have so few people in Yucca Valley to consume things, Yucca Valley would do better attracting producing industries, e.g. information services, precision manufacturing, art, computer systems, call processing centers, etc.....even tourism counts.

And where do we find NON-CHAIN retailers!  How do Taos, Sedona, Santa Fe, Scottsdale, Jackson Hole, develop their economy?

For an alternative view of Better as opposed to Bigger:

"Fodor quotes Oregon environmentalist Andy Kerr, who calls urban growth, "a pyramid scheme in which a relatively few make a killing, some others make a living, but most [of us] pay for it." As long as there is a killing to be made, no tepid "smart-growth" measures are going to stop sprawl. We will go on having strips and malls and cookie-cutter subdivisions and traffic jams and rising taxes as long as someone makes money from them."

How to Take Control of Urban Growth and Improve Your Community
By Eben V. Fodor

E-Commuters Make Western Resort Towns Their Home

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