Cohn, David S.

Past insurance and government defense attorney and remains biased in their favor.

Derelict of Duty— not independent.  Consistently improperly adopts position of other jurisdiction instead of carrying out his duty to decide independently for himself the issues of the case in front of him.

Demented — repeatedly does not remember major facts and events of a case.  He is mentally incapable of maintaining a large set of facts needed for complex litigation and he does not take notes to assist himself.

Fascist—conflates the interests of private business and government and favors them.  Refuses to protect private parties from encroachment by such fascist partnerships.

Biased—in favor of institutions, and going along with his buddies on the Court.

Disingenuous—even when he knows his rulings are weak and subject to being overturned on appeal, he will issue orders just to get the case out of his court.

He will do all of the above while creating a record that appears to show he heard each party when in fact he has no intention of actually considering the argument and weighing the points made because in fact he prejudicially decides the issues.

When the facts showed that the defendant operated a 53,000 pound crane 40 feet tall, a 27,000 pound forklift, diesel trucks, and carried 10 ton objects across the land of Plaintiff when no easement had been established over plaintiff’s Single Family Residential parcel, and Defendant operated same equipment on the neighboring parcel zoned strictly for Single Family Residential while he had no valid permit to operate said business and the zoning strictly limited the traffic to that which is normal and customary for residential zones, Judge Cohn declared “No ordinary person would reasonably complain.

His ruling was patently absurd and so is Judge David S. Cohn.

Apparently, others agree

History, pattern and practice: bias favoring authorities, dementia

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