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We can also tell you about civil rights attorneys who practice in the Joshua Tree Courthouse that are independent of the local "good ole boy" network.  Beware of hiring local attorneys as several of them are in conflict of interest positions because they receive money authorized by the very Joshua Tree judges in front of which they appear for services as lawyers or judge pro temp.

Yucca Valley Arrest Records — sophomoric but revealing

Broken Windows Theory of Policing Obit

Coroner's (Sheriff's) Press Releases

Radio Calls in Morongo Basin



1) Reduce police violence by directly observing the police on the street, documenting incidents …

Citizen Incident Report

Alice Mitchell shooting

"Prosecutors said Alice Mitchell, 58, pointed a shotgun at Deputies Gary Rossi, Christopher Coillot, Erik Smooth and Sgt. Steve Wilson outside her Polaris Avenue home in July."

Read more:

 Deputies justified in shooting woman, prosecutors say

News and Events

From The Sun, July 29, 2010.

"Among the deputies transferring to jails in San Bernardino, Devore, Adelanto and Rancho Cucamonga, the bulk are coming from the sheriff's Morongo Basin station in Joshua Tree. A dozen deputies will be transferring to the jails, and only nine others will be transferring to the Morongo Basin station to backfill the vacated positions.

San Bernardino County Supervisor Neil Derry, whose district includes the Morongo Basin, said his biggest concern is the moving of deputies with familiarity and longstanding ties to the communities in which they serve to areas they have little familiarity or ties with."

People v. Rocha Andrew Javier

Mistaken identity: Younger brother Andrew in jail for deeds of older brother Martin who acted in easement disputes with neighbors.

Teen Arrested for Striking Senior

Rocha Police Report Discovery

Javier Rocha is innocent .com

CBS NEWS video

Accuser David Stern has lived in Lake Arrowhead since 1965, graduated Rim of the World High School in 1970, and sits on the Hospital Board (in 2010 as Treasurer), was the primary contact for the Rotarian Foundation fund, he is associated by Rotary Club with Superior Court Judge Richard Montes, and Law Enforcement Joe Catalano and Ron Green.

Javier Andres Rocha.... (blog by his ?cousin)  Not much more evidence, lots of polemic, but some extra details for those wanting to see everything...

Alexander, William


William Alexander at Town Council meeting (still from video)

Allen Kephart of Crest Park CA Death by Sheriff

Justice for Allen Kephart - Info | Facebook

$4.5 Million Settlement 

County Supervisors, back on June 18, 2013, approved a reported $4.25 million settlement with Alfred and Carol Kephart, the parents of Allen Kephart.

Penny Trent v. County of San Bernardino, et al


Penny Trent v. County of San Bernardino, et al; United States District Court, Central District of California (Riverside); Case Number EDCV 12-02221-VAP (DTBx) (United States District Judge Virginia A. Phillips.)


Sheriff’s Department also releases husband from custody after his arrest for wife beating, because once police shot wife, they just wanted case to go away.     

Cheri Pounder < - is an imposter site.

Personnel Jackets

Free Speech Rights; Defamation, etc.


Announcements of promotions, transfers, and assignments by date.

Baker, Anita

Sheriff Services Specialist, Manages Citizen on Patrol.

Her son, Jacob Baker, …

Beaver, Justin

Deputies justified in killing man, report says

Posted: Tuesday, December 6, …

Boswell, Richard

Captain Richard Boswell is in command of the Morongo Basin Station of the …

Brewer, Eric

CHP Eric Brewer


Works …

Chadwell, Carolyn

Victor Valley Daily Press:

AV deputy-involved shooting lawsuit settled for $…

Cook, Ryan

    Local "Boy" Does Good-MBO is proud of him.

    Perhaps young Deputy Ryan Cook …

    Falossi, Adam Joseph

    Beverly Hills Police Department Rookie 2016

    According California Court of …

    Free Speech Rights

    Walker v. Kiousis Petition to Government, from Fourth District, Division …

    Freeman, Allen

    Deadly shooting was justified, DA finds

    Green, Bill

    CHP Sgt. Bill Green

    Outspoken foe of marijuana dispensaries.  Husband of anti-…

    Green, Mark

    Arrested Josh Roggenbuck, 33, of Yucca Valley for theft of a pickup truck.

    Helmick, Daniel

    Hoops, Rod

    He has a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and a master’s in public administration …

    McMahon, John

    Appointed Sheriff of San Bernardino County 2012 by highly irregular process.  …

    Miller, Caleb

    California Highway Patrol, Officer Caleb Miller

    Miller, Clinton

    Works as Bailiff in Joshua Tree Courthouse

    Son of Captain Donnie Miller, who …

    Miller, Donnie

    Sheriff Captain Donnie Miller

    Son or son-in-law? of Robert Jack VandenHout …

    Miller, Simon

    CHP Officer Simon Miller

    Mondary, Dale

    Sheriff Lieutenant, possibly related to Miranda Mondary

    Put blame for chase …

    Newport, Trevis

    Sergeant Sheriff

    Watch Commander of Yucca Valley station, previously a detective …

    Penrod, Gary


    Endorsed Hoops

    On Paul Cook's Congressional campaign leadership …

    Preston, Timothy

    Deputies justified in killing man, report says

    Posted: Tuesday, December 6, …

    Radeleff, Jason

    Sgt. Jason Radeleff, Morongo Station

    Bomb Scare

    San Bernardino County sheriff's …

    Smoot, Eric

    Detective according to 9/16/2023 107.7

    Toms, Brad

    Brad Toms was promoted to lieutenant last week and is now the second-in-command

    From the sheriff’s station, Capt. Donnie Miller, Sgt. Rick Collins …

    San Bernardino Prison use among highest

    A New Study Probes the Question: Should Californians Continue to Subsidize "Prison-Happy" Counties?

    Monday, …

    Role of Police —

    No Duty to Respond:

    Response time in Hesperia attempted murder investigated

    South v. Maryland, 59 U.S. (…


    Citizen Oversight of Police

    Christopher Commission Report and Five Years Later - Christopher Commission

    San Bernardino Sheriff Department

    Morongo Basin Station

    The Morongo Basin Station is the third largest Sheriff's station in both area and total number of calls for law enforcement services in San Bernardino County. Within the station's area of responsibility are the incorporated communities of Twenty-nine Palms and the Town of Yucca Valley, as well as the unincorporated communities of Morongo Valley, Landers, Johnson Valley, Joshua Tree, Wonder Valley, Pioneertown, Amboy, Cadiz and Flamingo Heights. The station is part of the county's Law and Justice Complex located in Joshua Tree. The facility there also houses three courtrooms and a "Type I" jail capable of housing 79 inmates.

    James Paul Murray - shot and killed

    Deputies shoot, kill man

    By Jimmy Biggerstaff

    Hi-Desert Star

    Published: Wednesday, January 5, 2011 2:03 AM CST

    JOSHUA TREE — A man was shot and killed New Year’s Eve by San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department deputies who say he opened the front door of his home and pointed a handgun at them.

    James Paul Murray, 29, was pronounced dead at the scene at 8:34 p.m. Friday.

    Alice Mitchell — shot

    Questions linger after shooting

    By Courtney Vaughn
    Hi-Desert Star
    Published: Saturday, January 22, 2011 2:25 AM CST
    RANCHO CUCAMONGA — Alice Mitchell says it’s cold and damp in the cell at West Valley Detention Center where she’s been held since late August, after calling 911 and greeting Morongo Basin sheriff’s deputies at her home with a shotgun on July 23, 2010. Mitchell subsequently was shot several times and is charged with attempted assault on a peace officer.

    Superior Court of San Bernardino

    Joshua Tree District



    Local farmer Dr. Robert Ellis with over 640 acres battling for water rights. Water district’s lawsuit moves forward.


    Travis Bauer v. County of San Bernardino et al, Case No.: 5:12-cv-00501-VAP-DTB, is in the U.S. District Court, Central District for California

    sheriff contract program 2002/2003.pdf

    YV Contract with Sheriff FY2007-08.pdf

    Reports to Yucca Valley

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