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Settlement check paid by County of San Bernardino to Koenig after the County and Judge Donna Garza were excoriated by the Fourth District Court of Appeal, Division 2.


Demented Derelict

Fascist David S. Cohn’s

Patently Absurd Judgements

Reversed Yet Again


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Yucca Valley Town Council Conspiracy to Cover Up Cause of Firing Mark Nuaimi

Mark Nuaimi in dispute about cause of dismissal.

Stand Your Ground Trayvon!

BREAKING NEWS 9/28/2012 10 AM



Javier Rocha is innocent .com

Stop Illegal Off Highway Vehicles —

Staging motorcycles (OHV) on residential parcels smaller than 2.5 acres is illegal in San Bernardino.  Sign the Petition for Enforcement of existing county and municipal codes.

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LETTER TO EDITOR submitted 9/30/2011


In response to the proposed Yucca Valley Social Host Ordinance,

The first public reading declares the following illegal and an “immediate threat to the public”:  a 20 year old Marine on leave from Afghanistan to share a beer with his father during the SuperBowl, a 17 year old from having a fine wine at the family diner table, a 14 year old from sharing eggnog with brandy on Christmas Eve, and a16 year old debutante from a toast of champagne at wedding or other celebrations. 

It also makes every owner of residential property, no matter that the owner is an absentee landlord, responsible for fines and imprisonment for any such use.

Absolute Provincial Hysteria and Ludicrous!

The marketing money that has been used to first inculcate an excessive amount of fear in members of the Youth Commission who are then used as cannon fodder to influence the local political process is none other than Federal government social engineering programs which the right wing claims to abhor.

Unlike Model Social Host Ordinances adopted across the State, and the intended use of the Federal funds, there is nothing in the Yucca Valley Ordinance that exempts such standard social practices of the most well respected in America no matter their socio-economic class.

Nor is there a single word in the ordinance limiting the enforcement of such draconian laws only after some triggering event such as public nuisance or actual intoxication.

The ordinance is redundant as well.  The State already made property owners responsible for damage that occurs due to a minor’s consumption of alcohol in the form of  California Social Host Liability Civil Code 1714(d).

Finally, the terms make it effective in only UNINCORPORATED area, which means no where, since the whole Town is by definition, incorporated.

For much more research click here.


Fuck the Law — Demand Justice

Cohen v. California, 403 U.S. 15 (1971)Fully Informed Jury Association

Two more dog attacks on Yucca Children

Another Pitbull Attack, This Time in Twenty Nine Palms

Yucca Valley Unleashed Pit Bulls

Severely Maul 46 year old Woman

Click here for audio recording of Administrative Hearing conducted by Attorney Mark S. Mahoney

Similar wounds to those described as suffered by Yucca Valley resident Juanita Sharp. (fair use from Animal Bites in Emergency Medicine)

Hey, Town Manager Mark Nuaimi, does THIS qualify as a criminal matter?  Does it qualify as a criminal matter ONLY because the owner of the pit bull is not politically connected to State Assemblyman Paul Cook, does not go to church with the Judge Pro Temp who will hear the case, nor hire Mark S. Mahoney, who is a sub-contractor of that very Judge Pro Temp to represent the gang member owner in front of that same Judge Pro Temp in the Joshua Tree Courthouse?

The Town of Yucca Valley was notified by clear and convincing evidence of the routine violation of municipal codes which require control of all canines.  Instead of acting aggressively to abate and to prevent roaming of canines, Town Manager Mark Nuaimi, with full knowledge of the Town Council, acted with reckless disregard for the health, safety, and welfare of the public, and in at least one situation, ordered Town Staff to halt proactive patrol to abate such violations.

Since Mark Nuaimi signaled to staff how he would use his executive and supervisory discretion, at least two people have died and one mauled from unleashed dogs, and two children were injured by dogs in Yucca Valley.

Mark Nuaimi is joined in recklessness by local media both long established and nascent.  Radio station KCDZ owner Gary Daigneault, publicly pronounces a favorite meme of canine apologists, "It's not the breed, its the owner".  Do the wounds displayed look like the possible work of a Yorkie Terrier trained by its owner to viciously attack people?

Hi Desert Star promising editor Stacey Moore regrettably restrained by publisher Cynthia Melland has yet to publish one of her signature beacons of the human and the good.  

Let's not forget Mark Nuaimi's most favorite publisher and vehicle for official Yucca Valley press relations, CactusThorns, the new website. Cactus Thorns is filled with pride and bluster of the readers and sadistic owner operator, Dan O'Brien, who proudly declares his editorial mission is to "hurt people" with words.  With truly Hearstian fraud, editor O'Brien claims dedication to First Amendment free speech and liberty.

Dan O'Brien and his cohorts all talk a tough pseudo macho and pseudo-conservative game of speaking the supposed truth and reality no matter how bruising, but when MBO responded with the enclosed images of the horrendous result of O'Brien's and his readers "stuff happens" philosophy of individualism absent government, O'Brien cried into his mother's cotton skirt then made sure to implant into his reader's mind the image of a Poll Pot bullet to the brain of the messenger whose speech documents O'Brien's and his reader's abject myopia, ignorance, bigotry, and self-sublimated but publicly apparent internal sexual conflict.

Yucca Valley Unleashed Dog Kills

11 year old and his Father;

Good ole Cactus Thorns boys say, "stuff happens"

Yucca Valley Politics for Children

Picture 4

some people can't handle the truth;

others lie about the truth, many do both.

Yucca Valley Town Manager Mark Nuaimi declared a roaming unleashed pit bull that assaulted a person to be not a criminal matter despite applicable municipal codes.  Months later, a different unleashed dog wandering across Highway 247 precipitated the deaths of an 11 year old boy and his 75 year old father.

During the pit bull incident, Nuami redirected subordinate Town staff immediately to halt investigation and enforcement activities they had undertaken on their prerogative. Repeatedly asked to "fact check" reporting of the matter, Nuaimi merely asserted the report as "Wrong.  Not accurate." but offered no rebutting facts.  We stand by the report.  Whether negligence or dereliction, Nuaimi's disposition of the matter exemplifies the corruption that pervades the region.

From wooden dildos shoved up 14 year old anuses at Yucca Valley High School white washed by notorious Corrupt Judge Bert Swift, to 12 year old boys who must use knives to the gut to stop continual assaults from a classmate but no prosecution by the District Attorney, to man-made routine hazards in the neighborhoods, Yucca Valley excels at vestigial barbarism, stupidity, and willful ignorance supported and abetted by criminal negligence on the part of politicians, city administrators, district attorneys, judges, police, dog owners, and the public en masse.

Above is depicted the remains of little boys such as those of boys recently killed by "domestic" dogs in San Bernardino County.  Such dangerous animals roam Yucca Valley unleashed everyday.  Millions of people are needlessly attacked by domestic dogs every year.  Completely avoidable.  Most often no criminal charges are filed.


Tommyray of Morongo Basin wants to know!

In a series of comments at the Hi Desert Star prompted by an elderly man's complaint that local law enforcement does not enforce the law, a reader, TommyRay opined that San Bernardino County law enforcement was "some of the finest in the State"  

MBO disagrees, and posted  numerous widely published and verified examples of the endemic corruption of law enforcement in this county.  Tommyray was apparently miffed and decided to start taking pot shots at the messenger.

Readers may refer to the original article Elderly Unprotected By Law Enforcement

MBO also took the opportunity to explain to another commenter what barbaric results one sees if the population is left to "get a German Shepherd" to protect themselves instead of relying on high quality police. (see below images of toddlers ripped to shreds by guard dogs)

Finally, Tommyray bizarrely decided to quote Webster's Dictionary definition of Ombudsman to this Ombudsman.  We take the opportunity to explain more


7 million California Prop 8 voters were not ignored—
Federal Judge Walker punched them in the face

Ombudsmen are people who are independent of normal power structures and they help grease the wheels to get things done when the normal procedures are not working well.  This site strives to connect people who can help with people who need extra help getting things done in the Morongo Basin.  Use of information from this site or any ombudsman is strictly at the risk of the user and no one else.

        News Outlets - Desert Valley Star — new ownership by investigative reporters

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                              multi-blog which often breaks news with the explicit editorial mission to "use words to hurt".  A sadistic bunch.

                              iePolitics, and San Bernardino County Sentinel have scooped

                              local papers covering the corruption of San Bernardino

                              politicians and authorities. The Sun Runner Magazine has in

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Assemblyman Cook's Ideas about SB777- yeah?

the California Student Civil Rights Act that was enacted to codify laws against unreasonable discrimination in schools.  No agency running the schools agrees with Cook's theory about the meaning of this law.

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